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Expectations:  By fifth grade, discipline problems should be at a minimum.  Reinforced by our PeaceWorks curriculum, students are expected to be respectful and responsible.  We stress the importance of school, and of each child doing his/her best.


Homework:  Homework is an integral part of the fifth grade curriculum.  Finding a quiet place where your child can work each night for 30-50 minutes is suggested.  If you find your child frequently needs more than an hour for homework, please contact his/her teacher.  If they have no assignments to complete, students should spend at least 30 minutes reading.

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Communication:  Parent/Teacher communication is an important component of your child's success in fifth grade.  Newsletters will provide information about individual classes, and progress reports will be provided for each student at the end of each trimester.  Please feel free to contact your child's teacher by telephone or email, and he/she will get back to you as soon as possible.   Contact information for each teacher is available by clicking on his/her name.

Mrs. DiMartini  Mrs. Jeffs  Mrs. Mentel   Mr. Skinner

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Orchestra:  In fifth grade, students may choose to participate in Orchestra class twice a week.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to grow musically and learn to work as part of an ensemble.  Students perform at various school and district events.  For additional information, click here.

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Craig Chorus:  Fifth graders may also choose to participate in Craig Chorus, a choir which rehearses once a week before school.  This group performs several times during the year, including the occasional appearance at Busch Stadium to sing prior to a Cardinal baseball game.


Junior Achievement:  As part of the fifth grade Social Studies Curriculum, our economics lessons have the Junior Achievement program as its centerpiece.  Students participate in lessons in the classroom in preparation for a culminating field trip to JA Biztown, and may also participate in lessons presented by a business professional from our community.


Dismissal:  No child will be allowed to change his/her dismissal procedure without a written note from a  parent/guardian or a phone call to the office.  Dismissal begins at 3:35 PM.


Birthdays:  We enjoy celebrating birthdays in fifth grade.  Students may bring a treat for the class on their birthday, or their half birthday if they have a summer birthday.  The State Health Department requires that treats be commercially made and individually wrapped.  Please communicate with your child's teacher if you will be sending a treat so time may be scheduled for it during the school day.

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Cell phones:  We understand the need for safety and the desire for parents to stay in touch with their children.  At the same time, we discourage the use of cell phones and hope your child will not bring one to school.  However, please remember if your child does bring a cell phone to school, it MUST be kept turned off and in his/her backpack from the time your child enters the school until he/she leaves.  Also, we are not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones if they are brought to school.

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