Information from the Craig School Nurse

Seasonal Allergies

Spring and Fall are very active allergy seasons in St. Louis. It is common for some students to experience red, itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing. It can be hard for parents to determine whether their child's red eyes are due to allergies or due to infectious conjunctivitis, better known as "pink eye". When in doubt, always consult your child's doctor. When the white part of the eye (sclera) is very red and there is a thick  discharge in the eye or the eye is glued shut in the morning,  this is usually the infectious type. We do exclude students from attending school with these symptoms until they have been diagnosed by their doctor and/or have been under treatment for 24 hours.

Students may have allergy medications administered at school by the school nurse. They must be accompanied by a parental permission note (available by clicking here). If the medication is a prescription, it must be in its original prescription labeled container. If the medication is over-the-counter, it must be accompanied by a note from the child's doctor stating the child's name, medication, dosage and delivery time required. This doctor's note can be faxed to school at 314-415-6212.


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