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Communication Arts

The english language arts--reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking--are essential skills for a student’s success, not only in school, but also in life. Students learn, use and communicate knowledge in many environments. What and how students know and express have to be applied with validation coming from different sources--home, community, work and school. All students must be provided multiple pathways of learning through a variety of communicative and visual arts with a strong support system, which includes the use of technology. With the ability to apply these language arts skills well, opportunities for personal fulfillment and job success are great. Our society demands a literate population if democracy is to function properly, technology to prosper and future demand to be met.

Through their experience in Parkway, students gain knowledge about the English language and its literature. As they gain knowledge about such topics, however, they are also learning the skills of written and oral language, and they are learning to think critically. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are essential to success in all areas of the curriculum. The language processes rely on the integration of knowledge possessed by the student, the information read or heard and the student’s ability to apply the reading and writing skills.

The development of communication arts processes and the acquisition of knowledge are two interwoven goals that cannot be separated. Another very important goal for students in this program is the development of appreciation for reading and writing through literature. The Parkway Communication Arts Program provides experience with models of the best use of language and exposure to the most persistent ideas and themes of human thought.

Every child comes to the learning environment possessing a unique background. Students in Parkway have educational opportunities that partner teaching and learning in environments with high expectations of performance and accountability. The high expectations center in the skills and competencies that enable students to become speakers and listeners, readers and writers who bring their critical and intellectual abilities as they participate in society.

Coordinator of Elementary English Language Arts -  Susan Irby
Phone 314-415-5095

Coordinator of Secondary English Language Arts  - Dr. Rebecca Langrall
Phone 314-415-7035

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