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Fine Arts

                                         Fine Arts Department

Students in the Parkway School District are offered a comprehensive and rigorous fine arts education from kindergarten through grade twelve. Vocal, band, orchestra,  visual arts, and drama/theatre classes are available for all students. The fine arts curriculum is standards based and progresses from a basic foundation to more complex skill and knowledge levels. Students develop the ability to combine content, perspective, and technique which results in specific artistic and analytical competencies. Our program fosters growth in creative self-expression, innovative thinking, aesthetic awareness, and literacy in the arts.

MISSION: The mission of the Parkway Fine Arts Department is to ensure its students are artistically literate, capable, creative, and responsible contributors and consumers of the arts.


We succeed when our Fine Arts students and graduates:


·         exhibit an appropriate level of skill proficiency to successfully communicate through production or performance in one’s chosen art form.


·         are prepared for continuing artistic educational challenges


·         display a thorough knowledge of the specific elements and principles or structures of an art form.


·         understand their personal artistic strengths, skills and interests.


·         creatively and effectively define, analyze and break down an artistic problem and persist to a solution or goal.


·         demonstrate personal responsibility, discipline and respectful collaboration in artistic production and performance settings.


·         recognize artistic quality and demonstrate the capacity to interpret, analyze and form aesthetic judgments of a performance or piece of art.


·         understand the important role of the arts as a reflection of past and present cultures.

Coordinator Cassandra Collins
Phone 314-415-7038