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Health & Physical Education

Parkway Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education



Ready to learn today, prepared for life tomorrow

Health and Physical Education play a valued and vital role in providing a quality, balanced education for all Parkway students.  The development of fitness and health skills are essential to the health, productivity, and success of our students. 

HPE Mission Statement

The Parkway Health and Physical Education Department is committed to preparing students to live healthy, productive, and physically active lives for the 21st century.  We are committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills (motor and life skills), and attitudes necessary for living active, fit, and healthy lives.  Ultimately, it is our goal that our students will take personal responsibility for practicing good health habits and for engaging in regular physical activity, so as to develop themselves into students who are healthy, fit and ready to learn today and productive members of society tomorrow. 

Fitness and Health Skills will be developed through:
  • participation in a K-12 comprehensive health education program, which teaches students essential knowledge and skills they need to become "health literate."
  • participation in a K-12 quality physical education program that involves moderate to vigorous physical activity; that is aimed at developing health-related fitness; that teaches knowledge of motor and sport skills; that promotes activities that all students enjoy and can pursue throughout their lives; and that is coordinated with the health education curriculum.
  • participation in a series of safe and drug-free programs offered during middle school grades (6-8) which focus on developing an awareness of unhealthy behaviors most prevalent during the adolescent years and developing the health skills to help them in making healthful decisions.

Parkway complies with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's recommendation for health education and physical education.  The Parkway health and physical education curriculum also is aligned with national standards and the Missouri State Show-Me Standards. 

Coordinator: Ron Ramspott
Phone: 314-415-7034