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Library Media

Many people, even educators, hold a mental model of the library as the “place where the books are stored.” The librarian is usually pictured with her finger to her lips, shushing anyone who speaks aloud. The librarian is not seen as a “real teacher,” held responsible for student achievement, but is considered only a “helper” who pitches in on request.

Parkway librarians have a new vision. This vision is about more than the place and the books and other resources– although these are still important. This vision also features a teaching professional -- a librarian who is actively engaged with students as they struggle to make sense of ideas and information. This librarian is implementing a guaranteed and viable district library curriculum, and is making sure that students are learning it.

Parkway librarians endeavor to accomplish this vision by:

  • collaborating with other educators to design and teach engaging learning experiences that meet individual needs and enable students to transfer their learning to new challenges, tasks and situations in and out of school
  • instructing students and assisting educators in finding, evaluating, using, producing and sharing information and ideas through active use of a broad range of appropriate tools, resources, and information technologies
  • providing access to materials in all formats, including up-to-date, high-quality and varied literature to develop and strengthen a love of reading
  • teaching students a problem-solving process as part of library and content-area/classroom instruction.





Coordinator: Carol Kohnen
Phone: 314-415-8458