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Environmental Services

Recycling and Materials Recovery

Parkway has a nationally recognized, comprehensive recycling program. The program includes the recovery of various commodities as well as the recovery and proper processing of universal and hazardous wastes.  Collectively Parkway recycles over 1,300 tons, or 2.6 million pounds of materials each year. 

Through the process of recycling, waste materials are used as feedstock for manufacturers creating new products.  Utilizing recycled feedstock is a more environmentally sustainable method for creating products than using strictly raw natural resources.  As a result of Parkway's recycling efforts, the following annual environmental benefits have been estimated using industry calculations:

  • Gallons of Gas Save: 5,263
  • Net Greenhouse Gas Emmissions Reductions: 1,343 MTCE
  • Iron Ore Saved: 96 tons
  • Number of Tree Seedlings Grown for 10 years Resulting from Paper Recycling: 11,971  

Please click on the below materials to learn more about each material being recycled: