Greetings from the Parkway School Stores!

I would like to welcome all students, parents, and staff to the Northeast Middle School store.  To make the Northeast School store user-friendly for everyone, I would like to tell you a little about the Parkway School stores' purposes, functions and guidelines.

My name is Maggie Kline and I am the school store cashier.  I can be reached at (314) 415-7127 or you can e-mail me by clicking here

Parkway has set up a system where the school store cashiers virtually handle all moneys in the schools.  Some examples of items that can be purchased in the middle schools are:  school supplies, field trips, school planners, class fees, yearbooks, buzz books, camp fees, gym and music shirts, pillow kits, reeds and chin rests for musical instruments, and student council activities.  Many of the supplies listed in the school supply list are also available in the school store.

Parkway does grant parents the privilege of paying by check, but there are stipulations:

  1. All checks received by the cashier must have a bank printed name and address in the upper left hand corner.
  2. The child's name and grade must be written on the check.
  3. Each check received is deposited in one of twenty-five accounts.  The district, therefore, requests that if you are making purchases in more than one account, you use more than one check.  For example:  You buy a gym shirt, buzz book, and pay for lunch.  The gym shirt money goes into a purchasing account; buzz book money goes into the PTO account; and lunch money goes into the food service account.
  4. Parkway, like all other institutions, charges a $20.00 fee on all returned checks.

We ask that you are conscious of deadlines stated on field trip forms.  It is always wise to pay a day or two before the deadline. 

The school store is open all days that school is in session.  The store is open from 8:05am-12:50pm.