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Security Measures in Place

Schools comply with federal school safety directives and Missouri state requirements for educational facilities.  The plans ensure that the District is responsive to a variety of critical incidents.  These measures include:

  • Daily review of local, national and global events by the Chief of Security and his staff
  • Maintaining a heightened state of vigilance
  • Employee identification badges and visitor sign-in procedures
  • Security cameras in select buildings
  • Emergency communications and messaging systems
  • School "Law Enforcement Unit"
  • Police officers from local agencies in all middle and high schools; daily contact with elementary schools
  • Video cameras on school buses
  • Front Door Security Systems at elementary schools
  • Safety drills for fire, tornado, earthquake and intruder
  • Critical Incident Response and Assessment Teams in every school/building
  • Crisis Response Manuals
  • 415.SAFE (anonymous information phone line) (314.415.7233)