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Safety Network

The Parkway Safety Network (PSN) is a committee that is mandated by the Board of Education and composed of school parents and residents approved by the school principal to assist staff in the various safety issues affecting our schools.  The Network currently has a Chairman, Secretary, Emergency Kit Chairperson, and Block Home Chairperson.

Safety Network representatives attend committee and training meetings, have the responsibility of overseeing and inspecting the building emergency kits, checking on the supply and location of sealed emergency water bottles, coordinating neighborhood Block Home programs, and attending individual school safety walks/audits.

Emergency Kits:  Safety Network representatives and school nurses work together to prepare an emergency kit of supplies to accompany building staff during evacuations.  The kits, one per 100 students, are placed strategically throughout the buildings and contain a first aid inventory necessary to stabilize injuries until public safety personnel arrive. The kits are checked twice a year to ensure sufficient inventory is maintained.

Emergency Water Supply:  Safety Network representatives check the location and availability of sealed potable drinking water bottles stored in the school for use in the event of an emergency or water outage.  The water, seven (3.0 gal. each) bottles for elementary and 14 (3.0 gal. each) bottles for secondary schools can be used for drinking or antiseptic purposes, and is strategically placed throughout the buildings.

Block Home Program:  Safety Representatives contact parents and district residents to volunteer their home as a safe haven for children in emergency situations.  Schools inform elementary students of the value of contacting a block home if they feel threatened, are suspicious of individuals in their presence, or find themselves locked out of their home.  Block Home volunteers undergo an application process, a background check of the sex offenders registry for all occupants over the age of 17, and training to respond to the student's needs.  Applications can be obtained by contacting the Block Home Chairperson via Parkway Security at 314-415-8200.

Information about applying to be a Parkway Safety Network member can be obtained by contacting your local school principal.