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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are Block Homes selected and identified?

Block home participants must first fill out an application which is reviewed and checked against the Registered Sex Offender list by Parkway's Security Department for all persons over 17 years of age listed on the application.  Upon approval, the homes are provided written training guidelines and an identification placard to place in their front window.

  • What number do I call to report a safety or security concern?  Can I do so anonymously?

Call 314-415-SAFE (7233).  Your recorded message will be kept confidential.

  • How many fire drills do the schools have?

Parkway Schools adhere to the Life Safety Code and District Policy for Safety Drills.  Currently, schools complete 10 fire evacuation drills throughout the school year.  Summer school conducts two drills.  Other non-school buildings conduct two drills per year.

  • What is an SRO? Why do we have them?

An SRO is a School Resource Officer.  He/she is a commissioned police officer serving in a jurisdiction covering a specific section of the district.  SRO's are under contract and report to the building Principal through the Chief of Security.  They provide the physical security for the school while it is in session as well as provide training and counseling as needed.  The District values a safe school environment, and in doing so feels that a professionally trained, commissioned police officer specializing in school issues provides the best choice.