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November 2015

Message from Amy Branson, Principal


Greetings! As we begin the second trimester, I would like to stress the importance of continuing to “check in” with your child regarding school. Even though middle school students might tell their parents to “stay away” from school, research shows that this is still a critical time for parents to stay involved in their child’s education. (And most students, if they were being really honest, do want you to stay involved.)

Patriot Students of the Month

Students demonstrating Respect, Responsibility, and Reaching for their best!  Read on.
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Honors Modern United States History Placement

To be considered for Honors Modern United States History (MUSH) at Parkway South High School, 8th grade students must meet four of the six following criteria.
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PTO News

November is here and the PTO is so thankful for our wonderful parents and fabulous volunteers. We also appreciate your great kids! And . . . we are very grateful to work with an awesome staff at PSM. We are truly fortunate.
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