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May 2014

Message from Craig Fenner, Principal


It’s hard to believe that we have begun our last full month of the 2013-2014 school year! This is the last Principal’s Newsletter of the year. 

It has, once again, been an outstanding year at South Middle! Our students have achieved academic success and have excelled in spelling bees, geography bees, and outdoor education camps.

News from our Library

Let’s keep our children reading during the summer months!
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New School Year Information 2014-2015

To help you prepare for the upcoming school year, we are providing grade level supply lists and lists of our South Middle Teams.  This information is available in printable pdf format.
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PTO News

We are wrapping up the school year and I want to take this opportunity to pass along my personal appreciation to some special people.  First, I want to thank the rest of the PTO Board: Tammy Quinn, Karyn Koury, Ann Haack, Sandra Matteucci, Kim Berndt, Karen Paszek, Susan Holt, and Lisa Taylor. They are a great group and I was lucky to have them and their support.
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