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By accessing the Parkway Dashboard you agree to adhere to all Parkway School Board of Education policies and guidelines.


  • Q: Where is Web Builder?
    A:Once you log into the Dashboard you will see an icon on the desktop for OCG/Web Builder. Click on this icon to launch Web Builder.

  • Q: What is the Dashboard?
    A:The Dashboard is a replacement for PATH. It is the portal staff will use to securely access applications and resources inside and outside Parkway's network.

  • Q:What do I use to login?
    A:Use your network user id and password.

  • Q: How do I know if my computer can access the Dashboard?
    A: Make sure you run the System Check the first time you log a computer into the Dashboard.

  • Q: I can't get logged in. Who can help me?
    A: Contact the Technology Help Desk, 314-415-8181
  • Q:How do I access Munis Self Service
    A:Follow the instructions on the Munis Self Service documentation or video.