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List of Documents Needed for Enrollment

  1. Birth Certificate issued by Bureau of Vital Statistics (Baptismal/hospital certificate not acceptable.)
  2. Immunization Records
  3. Two Proofs of Parent/Guardian's Residency. These documents should contain parent/guardian's name and address.
    1. Deed/sales contract of residence, current real estate tax receipt, mortgage statement or contract to lease/rent and
    2. One other proof of residency such as: current unpaid utility bill, credit card statement, employer's record of address, bank statement, or governmental acknowledgment of address (i.e., Social Security, welfare, voter registration, etc.).
  4. Custody Papers. A copy of the section of the dissolution decree (not the petition), which stipulates custody in cases of parent divorce.
  5. Individual Education Plan and Evaluation (IEP) and/or Section 504 Accommodation Plan (IAP) and Evaluation (if student has a disability)
  6. Previous School Information: name, phone number, address, contact
  7. Middle/High School Students--Unofficial Transcript or Most Recent Report Card

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